Ad Geurts van Kessel

Geurts van Kessel, Ad
Prof. Ad Geurts van Kessel 

Full Professor

Tumors of the digestive tract


Research interests include chromosome aberrations and cancer, with special emphasis on transcription (de)regulation, cell cycle checkpoint (de)regulation, familial and childhood cancer syndromes. He also has interests in translational research and technology development. Major current projects focus on renal cell carcinomas, synovial sarcomas, pediatric leukemias and familial cancer syndromes including colorectal cancer. The implementation of (ultra) high resolution microarray-based genome profiling and next generation sequencing technologies in basic research and clinical application is also a primary interest.

Ad Geurts van Kessel is head of the Cytogenetics division of the department of Human Genetics since 1989. He was appointed professor of Tumour Cell Genetics in 1993 and in the same year he became deputy head of the department of Human Genetics. He is responsible for the establishment of the central NCMLS Microarray facility.

Secondary functions


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