Gotthardt, Martin

Gotthardt , Martin -1
Prof. Martin Gotthardt 

Full Professor

Tumors of the digestive tract


Aim of the research of the group is the development of novel peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals with a focus on diabetes (determination of beta-cell mass) and tumors of neuroendocrine origin.

Diabetes: A non-invasive method for quantification and characterization of the pancreatic beta-cell mass would enhance our understanding of the pathophysiology of diabetes and enable therapy monitoring. We therefore aim to develop and characterize highly beta-cell-specific radiotracers.

Tumors: neuroendocrine tumors are difficult to localize and treat. We aim to develop and characterize specific radiolabeled molecules that improve localization diagnosis and therapy of tumors and metastases and to improve kidney protection in peptide-receptor radiotherapy. To date, methods for exact characterization of pancreatic cancer for patient stratification are lacking. Together with the departments of pathology and surgery, we are working in an interdisciplinary project for developing optimized imaging strategies in order to better diagnose and  characterize pancreatic cancer aiming at delivering information for individual prediction of the optimal therapeutic approach.

Martin Gotthardt has coordinated the EU FP 7 project "BetaImage" (2008-2013) and is currently coordinating the EU FP7 projects "BetaTrain" and "BetaCure".

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