Güngördü, Hatice Imran.jpg
Ms. Hatice Imran Güngördü 

PhD Candidate

Reconstructive and regenerative medicine


Research Introduction:
The interactions between the cells and their surrounding environment extra-cellular matrix (ECM) affects cell fate and behaviour during various cellular processes. In my project, in collaboration with Radboud Nanomedicine Alliance, we aim to make a 3-D model in which both static substrate and external mechanical factors interact. We will try to identify these factors on cell behaviour whether they are competitive or synergistic for hard tissue regeneration applications.

I obtained both my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in chemistry from Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. During my M.Sc. study I was an exchange student at Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium where I completed my thesis on polymeric gene delivery systems. Following my master's I had a research assistantship experience on soft tissue engineering at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Department. In 2015 I joined to the Department of Biomaterials of Radboudumc as a PhD student.

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