Ahrend Heerschap

Prof. Arend Heerschap 

Full Professor

Urological cancers


Research is focused on translational research, from in vitro NMR studies of tissues to MR of patients. Fundamental biomedical problems and the advancement of MR as a diagnostic tool are addressed. Main research topics are (1) Energy metabolism in skeletal muscle and brain and (2) Biology, diagnosis and treatment of cancer (prostate, brain, liver, etc). Using transgenic technology, vascular and cellular contrast agents, and natural abundance and labelled spin systems MR is applied in clinical research, diagnostics and in studies of animal models. High resolution and MAS NMR are applied in study of body fluids and biopsies. Dedicated MR systems for research on these objects have been implemented over the years.

A. Heerschap has a graduate degree in Biochemistry, did his PhD in Biophysical Chemistry on NMR in nucleic acids and worked for Philips Medical Systems before joining the Radiology department on research in Magnetic Resonance. Since 1998 he is full professor at this department and head of the Biomedical MR research group.

Secondary functions


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