Wieteke Hoeijmakers

Hoeijmakers, W
Dr. Wieteke Hoeijmakers 


Neurodevelopmental disorders


Wieteke Hoeijmakers joined the Malaria Mini Group (under supervision of Prof. H.G. Stunnenberg and Dr. R. Bartfai) of the Department of Molecular Biology in 2007 as PhD student and since has worked on epigenetics in the deadly human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Although a well-defined cascade of gene expression during parasite development within the human host has been identified in 2003, it is so far still unknown how gene expression is exactly regulated. Also genome-organisation of this pathogen is only partially explored. The Malaria Mini Group of the Department of Molecular Biology aims to generate genome-wide profiles of epigenetic features (histone variants, histone post-translational modifications, nucleosome postions, epigenetic enzymes and other chromatin associated proteins) to gain insight into parasite epigenome organisation during development. Furthermore, we are interested to characterize the enzymatic components that generate and modulate the parasite epigenome and to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying parasite epigenome organization.

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