Judith Homberg

Homberg Judith
Dr. Judith Homberg 

Associate Professor

Stress-related disorders


The animal experimental research of Judith Homberg focuses on (serotonergic) genetic and environmental factors that influence brain development and behavioural traits. Interactions between these factors may lead to maladaptive emotional responses as seen in depression and addiction, but also cognitive improvements. The leading hypothesis is that the cognitive improvements can be used to offset the maladaptive emotional responses. To test this hypothesis unique mutant rats modeling human genetic polymorphisms are used. The main expertise is measuring behaviour, which is complemented with molecular genetic analyses, pharmacological manipulations, in vivo neurochemical measurements and immunohistochemical assessments.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • European Behavioural Pharmacology Society (EBPS) Young Investigator Prize 2010
  • Top reviewer op the Journal Neuropharmacology 2011
  • Aspasia (2011)
  • VIDI (2010)
  • VENI (2007)


Secondary functions


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