Remco van Horssen

Horssen, Remco
Dr. Remco van Horssen 




Remco van Horssen studied Medical Biology at the Utrecht University and did his PhD research at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. His PhD topics were the role of cytokines in the treatment of solid tumors with high dose TNFa and the development of a novel microscopy method to study cell motility. Research focus of recent years is on cell dynamics and tumor cell metabolism. For local availability of ATP a role in cell migration was found. In 2009, he was a visiting scientist of the Tumor Cell Invasion Laboratory of the Consorzio Mario Negri Sud in Italy. He established many (inter)national collaborations and assists in (practical) teaching and is a guest lecturer. In his research he uses many cancer-relevant read outs, ranging from high-content live cell microscopy to metabolite measurements.

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