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Mr. Eligio Francesco Iannetti 

PhD Candidate

Mitochondrial diseases


My passion for science raised in 2009 when I stepped for the first time in a research lab in Bologna (Italy) where I obtained both the Bachelor and the Master degrees in Molecular Biology. After a short research experience in the United Kingdom, in 2013 I was selected to be part of the ITN Marie Curie MEET project as a PhD student. Thanks to the amazing opportunities the MEET is offering me, I am often traveling all around Europe.

My host lab is in the mitochondrial medicine company, Khondrion, a startup spinoff of the Radboudumc. My current research project focuses on the development of technologies to test potential drugs for mitochondrial diseases.

Project Title: "Optimizing techniques for high-content drug screening in vitro".

In particular, I am currently working on a pipeline to quantify several mitochondrial morpho-functional parameters. The assay is applied in the setting up of artificial intelligence approach (machine learning) to classify cell lines derived from mitochondrial disease patient and to distinguish them from cells derived from healthy control volunteer.

These new technologies are primary used to perform library drug screening projects in Khondrion enterprise, however they will also have wider applications in the basic research of mitochondrial (patho)physiology.

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