Hans Jacobs

Jacobs Hans
Dr. Hans Jacobs 


Cancer development and immune defense


Since 2004, Hans Jacobs, joined the department of Tumor Immunology and works in the multidisciplinary cancer-immunotherapy team. His focus is on immune suppressive networks and optimizing immuno-monitoring. He recently launched a new quantitative assay to monitor antibody responses against the widely used vaccine component KLH (www.KLHanalysis.com). Hans Jacobs works in the clinic as Medical Immunologist and combines this with a scientific tenure track at the Department of Laboratory Medicine with a focus on translational immunology. Since 2013 Hans Jacobs is a member of the editorial staff of the Dutch immunology magazine 'Immuun'.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • 2013 Kalibration 2000 grant to introduce MS as reference method for Ig quantification.
  • 2012 NWO-Veni grant to study regulatory T cells in cancer patients.
  • 2012 Noyons Stipendium for antibody quantification using mass spectrometry. 
  • 2012 R&D Grant to commercialize novel biomarker-assay.


Secondary functions


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