John Jansen

Jansen , John 2014
Prof. John Jansen 

Full Professor

Reconstructive and regenerative medicine


Research is focused along two research themes: (1) development and characterization of novel implant surfaces; this research aims at the development of metal, ceramics or ceramics-coated metal implants with enhanced biomineralization properties. The latter is achieved e.g. by the implementation of well-controlled nano-scale topography on the surface of the implant, using a number of different nanotechnological methods, and (2) construction of synthetic bone substitutes; bone is the most commonly replaced tissue, second only to blood.  In the research, emphasis is put on the development of instructive materials and synthetic scaffolds for bone regeneration as promising alternatives to overcome the problems associated with routine therapeutic applications (i.e. autografts and allografts).

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • 1992: PIONIER-award (Personal Support for Research Groups with New Ideas for Excellent Research, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NWO).
  • 2003: Simon Stevin "Master" Award (Netherlands Technology Foundation, STW)
  • 2004: Clemson Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Literature (Society for  Biomaterials, SFB)
  • 2008: Full Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Section Medicine)
  • 2012: FEDERA award (Federation of Dutch Medical Scientific Societies)
  • 2014: Royal Decoration: Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion
  • 2014: Isaac Schour Memorial Award (International Association for Dental Research, IADR)
  • 2014: Member Academia Europaea

Secondary functions


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