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Dr. Manon Kerkhof 

Medical specialist

Reconstructive and regenerative medicine


Dr. Manon Kerkhof (1973) studied Medicine in Utrecht. She specialized in Gynaecology at the VUmc, Amsterdam and specialized further in the field of Urogynaecology. In 2008 she initiated the researchprogram Tissue Engineering Approach in Pelvic Organ Prolaps at the VUmc, in collaboration with the Tissue engineering group of the Orthopedic and Oral Cell Biology Department. After her PhD (thesis: ‘Pelvic Organ Prolaps, matrix cells and genes’), she was appointed as a urogynaecologist at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen. She continued her line of research in urogynaecology here, embedded at the Tissue Engineering Group of the Experimental Urology lab. The research concerns tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, pelvic floor disorders, cellular biomechanics, cell-matrix interactions, in vitro models, and soft tissue repair and regeneration. The research involves multidisciplinary collaborations within the research programs of the Radboudumc and NCMLS and national and international collaborations. She is currently a co-mentor for the urogynaecology fellow program, a member of the Research and Development committee of the International Urogynecology Association (IUGA) and boardmember of the Pelvic Floor Patient Association (SBP).


Secondary functions


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