Koemans , Tom
Tom Koemans 

PhD Candidate

Neurodevelopmental disorders


After receiving the VSB scholarship to perform research in the Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Sydney, Australia), Tom was dedicated to start the Master Medical Biology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. During the master phase, he performed two internships of which one was at the Human Genetics Unit of the Medical Research Council (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) under supervision of dr. I. Adams. At the Unit, he studied the expression of retrotransposons in the mouse germline. Additionally, he looked at histone modifications after physical stress of the germline. As a PhD-student in the department of Human Genetics (Radboudumc), Tom is interested in epigenetic mechanisms underlying Intellectual Disabilities (ID). Tom specifically studies the role of EHMT1 and MLL3 in the light of learning and memory. "We can use Drosophila as the perfect model organisms to study ID, since these important pathways are conserved during evolution, we can study adaptive behavior, and the molecular toolbox in the fly is large", says Tom. In this way the plasticity of the neuronal epigenetic landscape can be studied in health and disease.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • VSB scholarschip, VSB fonds, The Netherlands.



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