Kouwer Paul
Dr. Paul Kouwer 

Assistant Professor



The mechanical properties of hydrogels are crucial for their (biomedical) application. We investigate how to control and manipulate the mechanical properties of soft matter in-situ and as well as the biological response. For our studies, we use fully artificial polymers gels that behave truly analogously to intra and extracellular matrix materials such as actin, intermediate filaments and collagen. Chemical functionalistion allows us to introduce specific biochemical cues in the gel. Paul Kouwer obtained a PhD from Delft University of Technology and went for two post-doc positions at the University of Hull (UK) and MIT (USA). In 2008, Paul started as an assistant professor in the department of Molecular Materials.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

2012 BAZIS Grant
2010 NanoNext research grant
2008 EU Marie Curie ITN "HIERARCHY"
2004 Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship
2002 2nd prize Chemistry and Technology Awards
2001 Ramsay Memorial Fellowship

Secondary functions


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