Latour Brooke
MSc Brooke Latour 

PhD Candidate

Renal disorders


Brooke Latour recieved her Masters in Biomedical Sciences: Immunity and Infection from Utrecht University in 2013. During her 9 month internship in the Cell Biology Department of UMC Utrecht, she studied post translational modifications of FOXP1 via T-cell receptor associated kinases in the lab of Paul Coffer. She performed her 6 month internship in the Immunology and Hematology Department at the UMC in Leiden where the group of Dr Frank Staal was in the early stages of preparing for a RAG1 gene therapy clinical trial. For this, she developed an in vitro screening assay for quantifying RAG1 transgene gene expression. In early 2014 she began her PhD in the group of Dr. Ronald Roepman where she is investigating the pathways by which cilia transfer signals to their cellular targets, with a particular focus on regulation by ubiquitination events and vesicle transport.


National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • Masters Symposium Best Presentation Award
  • Edward C. Teyber Scholarship Award
  • John Fredrick Oberlin Scholarship
  • Recipient National Merit Scholarship

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