Jeroen van Leeuwen

Leeuwen Jeroen Van
Dr. Jeroen van Leeuwen 

Assistant Professor



Research interests include molecular cell biology with a primary interest in cell signalling and protein sorting. Current research projects specifically focus on the role of Cbl mediated ubiquitination, and de-ubiquitination during endocytic transport and lysosomal targeting of ErbB growth factor receptors as well as on the function of the sorting nexin/retromer complex in endocytic sorting of ErbB receptors and other cargo proteins. His group also investigates the role of de-ubiquitinating enzymes in the endocytic transport and degradation of ErbB receptors.

Jeroen van Leeuwen is assistant professor at the Department of Cell Biology (FNWI) since June 2000. He obtained his PhD from the Human Genetics and Paediatrics departments at Leiden University Medical Centre. He received post-doc training at the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH, USA), where he worked on T cell receptor-assembly and -signalling.

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