Massuger , Leon
Prof. Leon Massuger 

Full Professor

Women's cancers


Professor Massuger is head of the Gynaecologic Oncology unit at RadboudUMC. He has established a regional network for the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer. He is one of the editors of the Dutch textbook on Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He is a member of the European ENITEC research consortium on endometrial cancer and aims at developing new molecular tools to predict the malignant potential of various types of endometrial cancer. He has over 340 peer reviewed papers and has been the (co)promoter for 29 PhD’s. His research focuses on many different aspects of Gynaecological malignancies (prevention, detection and treatment). In particular his studies aim at unraveling the oncogenesis of the various cancers with special emphasis on ovarian cancer. He is leading one of the internationally recognized centers for the treatment of trophoblast disease and has an interest in predicting malignant changes in hydatidiform moles. He has been involved in many studies aiming at the improvement of the current national screening program for cervical cancer with special emphasis on the role of HPV.       

Research interest:


- The origin of ovarian cancer
- Immunology and ovarian cancer
- Radio immunotherapy in patients with ovarian cancer
- The value of magnetic resonance imaging in patients with gynecologic malignancies
- The use of serum tumormarkers in patients with gynecologic malignancies  

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