Nijenhuis Tom 2014
Dr. Tom Nijenhuis 

Medical specialist

Renal disorders


Research is aimed at elucidating molecular mechanisms of renal disease, in particular podocyte injury in proteinuric glomerular diseases, with the ultimate goal to identify molecular pathways that could serve as novel treatment targets.

My current interests include deleterious intracellular signaling pathways in the podocyte, their regulation by endocrine, paracrine or autocrine factors, the role of the TRPC6 calcium channel therein, and novel techniques to specifically target treatment to the kidney. Eventually, this knowledge is to be translated into new personalized treatment options for renal patients, which should ultimately help reduce renal damage, slow down renal function decline and prevent the progression to end stage renal disease.

Tom Nijenhuis (1977) is an internist-nephrologist and staff member of the department of Nephrology at the Radboudumc. He obtained his PhD in 2006 with a thesis on renal calcium and magnesium channels in health and disease. As senior research scientist, he currently coordinates several research projects at the Nephrology Research Laboratory focusing on molecular mechanisms of glomerular disease, in particular deleterious intracellular signaling pathways in podocytes. He is member of the scientific board of the Dutch Federation for Nephrology (NfN) and the Young Nephrologists Committee of the International Society for Nephrology (ISN), and participant of the Radboud Galilei Talent Track.



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