Leo Nijtmans

Nijtmans, Leo
Dr. Leo Nijtmans 

Associate Professor

Mitochondrial diseases


Research interests include the biogenesis of mitochondria and in particular the complexes involved in the process of oxidative phosphorylation, with a specific focus on complex I. Research questions investigated include: what is the sequence of assembly of subunits of complex I? What are the crucial steps in the assembly? What is the function of the individual accessory subunits of complex I? How is assembly affected in complex I deficient patients. These research questions provide insight in the molecular mechanisms leading to mitochondrial disorders.

Leo Nijtmans obtained his PhD. Degree in Biochemistry at the University of Amsterdam. Hereafter he received a Marie Curie Fellowship to work at the University of Dundee (United Kingdom). He is Assistant Professor at the Nijmegen Centre for Mitochondrial Disorders (NCMD) since August 2001. In this year he received the prestigious "NWO vernieuwings impuls grant" which started in January 2002.

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