Oti , M
Dr. Martin Oti 


Neurodevelopmental disorders


My personal research focus and scientific background is the elucidation of human genetic diseases on a genome-wide scale. I am interested in how genetic mutations lead to and influence disease phenotypes, particularly complex diseases and phenotypically variable Mendelian diseases where multiple genes are involved - potentially in combination with non-genetic factors. My primary questions are how multiple mutations cooperate to impair common biological systems in such diseases, and what the role of non-coding genomic regulatory elements are in this process. I currently work as a bioinformatics postdoc in the group of Dr. Jo Zhou at the Department of Molecular Developmental Biology, where I am involved in the analysis of high throughput (epi)genomic data. Using such large scale data, I am investigating mammalian gene regulation at the genomic scale, including the three-dimensional genomic organization of gene regulation.


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