Ger Pruijn

Pruijn Ger 2014
Prof. Ger Pruijn 

Full Professor



Research interests include biochemistry and molecular biology, with a specific focus on the molecular aspects of autoimmunity. Major current projects include the structure and function of autoantigenic macromolecular complexes and the role of posttranslational modifications in autoimmunity. Most of the macromolecular complexes studied represent ribonucleoprotein particles / protein complexes involved in RNA metabolism in human cells. Studies on the intriguing relationship between (unusual) protein modifications and the anti-self response in autoimmune patients are focused on rheumatoid arthritis, myositis and multiple sclerosis.

Ger Pruijn is professor in Biomolecular Chemistry since 2006. He acts as head of the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM), Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computing Science.

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