Jessica Quintin

Quintin , Jessica
Dr. Jessica Quintin 


Infectious diseases and global health


Jessica Quintin's main research interests are the mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions, with main focus on human fungal pathogens, especially Candida albicans. Immune responses in vertebrates are classically divided into innate and adaptive, only the latter being able to build up immunological memory. In contrast to the adaptive immune responses, the current opinion holds that innate immune responses lack immunological memory. This assumption should nevertheless be reconsidered. Some recent and "forgotten" studies in plants and invertebrates (lacking adaptive immune system) as well as in mammals demonstrate cross-protection to secondary infections independently of T and B lymphocytes. Understanding the immunological memory properties of the innate immune system in mammals will revolutionize our view of host defense and immunological memory, and could settle the basis for new class of vaccines and immunotherapies.

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