Floris Rutjes

Rutjes, Floris
Prof. Floris Rutjes 

Full Professor



The Rutjes group focus research on the synthesis of drug-like building blocks, i.e. small, highly functionalised enantiopure hetero-cycles. The fields of synthetic organic chemistry that are covered are biocatalysis, transition metal catalysis, combinatorial chemistry and target-oriented synthesis. Major research efforts include (i) the development of new medicines based on chemically modified glycopeptide derivatives, (ii) the application of hyperbaric reactions for the synthesis of bioactive heterocycles in a combinatorial fashion, and (iii) the synthesis and application of non-proteinogenic amino acids in creating drug-like building blocks.

Floris Rutjes is a professor in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, one of the organic chemistry groups within the Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radboud University Nijmegen. He also holds a part-time chair in Combinatorial Organic Synthesis at the University of Amsterdam.

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