Joost Schalkwijk

Schalkwijk , Joost
Prof. Joost Schalkwijk 

Full Professor

Inflammatory diseases


My group studies genetics and biology of inflammatory skin diseases. We are particularly fascinated by the way that an effective skin barrier function is maintained by epidermal keratinocytes. The role of the physical skin barrier (stratum corneum) and the chemical barrier (antimicrobial peptides, chemokines) in common inflammatory diseases is now a subject of intense investigation. We have demonstrated that genes involved in skin barrier function (thelate cornified envelopgenes) and innate immunity (defensins) are involved in the skin disease psoriasis. The biology of these factors and the role of microorganisms is currently studied. We have recently started a drug discovery and development program for infectious and inflammatory diseases. Our aim is to translate findings in basic science to applications in diagnostics and treatment of human disease.

Joost Schalkwijk studied Biology in Nijmegen and Leiden. Currently he is professor of Experimental Dermatology and head of the Laboratory of the department of  Dermatology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre.

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