Marije Sloff

Sloff Marije -2014
Ms. Marije Sloff 

PhD Candidate

Reconstructive and regenerative medicine


Marije Sloff is currently working on her PhD project entitled 'Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine for urinary diversion'. Bladder cancer is a common disease with 300.000 new patients every year. In 50% of the patients with advanced bladder cancer, the bladder is removed via a cystectomy, after which the urine must exit the body otherwise. In a Bricker procedure, a part of the intestine (ileum) is used to connect the ureters with the outside of the body at the abdomen. This solutions has several drawbacks since it requires extra surgery and the intestinal wall is not suitable for the removal of urine. This results in complications (28-81%) like infections, leakage and constrictions, which are directly related to the usage of the ileum. An artificial stoma could prevent the extra surgery and reduce the risk of complications. Regenerative medicine is a novel and emerging field that may introduce new alternatives for this problem. It focuses on the development on reconstruction and replacement methods, using a combination ofin vivoandin vitrotechniques.

The goal of this project is to develop an artificial stoma as an alternative to the intestine, to reduce operational procedures, complications and high costs.

Marije received her BSc degree in Molecular Life Sciences from the Radboud University, Nijmegen in 2009 after which she spend a semester abroad in Vermont (USA) to study Molecular Biology. In 2012 she received her MSc degree in Molecular Life sciences, with laboratory training at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Radboudumc Nijmegen and the Department of Polymer Chemistry at the Uppsala University in Sweden.

Marije is a member of the PhD committee and among others responsible for organizing the PhD retreat. 


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