Dr. Michael Valente 




Current interests:
• In vivo use of synthetic DC as a therapeutic tool for T-cell activation and cancer immunotherapy
• PLGA-Nanoparticles DC-based immunotherapy for melanoma cancer
• Intravital imaging of T-cell priming and tumor invasion

Since 2014 : Post doc at the tumor Immunology lab, Nijmegen Netherlands.
2009/2013 PhD, Institut Cochin, Paris, France Director: Anne Hosmalin, Supervisor: Vincent Feuillet
• Potential autoimmune CD4 T cell responses induced by DC after contact with autologous apoptotic cells
• Cross Presentation by the different subsets of human blood DC

2008/2009: Master 2 in Immunology at the Université des sciences de Luminy, Marseille France
2007/2008: M1 in Microbiology
2006/2007: Licence 3 in Cellular Biology
2005/2006: L2 in Cellular Biology
2004/2005: L1 in Life Sciences at the Université Paul Cézanne, Marseille France

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