Wouter Verdurmen

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Dr. Wouter Verdurmen 




How can we efficiently translate new insights in disease processes into novel therapies? Large biomolecules such as proteins, RNA and DNA are promising therapeutic candidates, but current approaches to deliver these molecules to target tissues have very limited effectiveness. Dr. Verdurmen’s research interests deal with designing nature-inspired drug carriers that overcome delivery barriers, employing synthetic binding proteins that can target tissue- or cell-specific receptors or intracellular targets. A second research area of interest is the development and application of novel tumor-on-a-chip approaches that can mimic physiological barriers that drugs encounter in vivo.

Wouter Verdurmen received his master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences cum laude in 2008 from the Radboud University. He then started his PhD research on cell-penetrating peptides, and received his PhD degree cum laude in 2012 from the Radboud University. He subsequently obtained a Rubicon grant and went in 2012 to the laboratory of Andreas Plückthun at the University of Zurich to work on modular therapeutic proteins making use of synthetic binding proteins called designed ankyrin repeat proteins. In 2016, he returned to Nijmegen with a Veni grant to start his work on microfluidic systems for investigating drug delivery and continuing his work on the development of novel types of therapeutic proteins.

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