Verhaegh Gerald
Dr. Gerald Verhaegh 


Urological cancers


Gerald W. Verhaegh, PhD was trained as molecular and cellular biologist at the Radboud University Nijmegen. He obtained his PhD degree (1996) at the University of Leiden. He did a post-doc at the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (Lyon, France). Since 1997 he is working as a scientist in the laboratory for experimental urology at the Radboud University Medical Center (Nijmegen).

His research has a strong translational focus, i.e. conducting basic life science research to create new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for genitourinary malignancies. Specific projects:
• promoter studies of cancer-specific genes
• gene and miRNA identification in GU cancers
• single nucleotide polymorphism analysis in bladder cancer
• development of EMT targeting drugs and miRNAs

He is an affiliated member of the European Association of Urology, and an associate board member of the European Society for Urological Research.


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