Johan van der Vlag

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Dr. Johan van der Vlag 

Associate Professor

Renal disorders


Research focuses on glomerular diseases and transplantation immunology.
Research on glomerular diseases is aimed at unraveling the underlying molecular mechanisms of proteinuria, glomerular inflammation and sclerosis. Research focuses on the role of heparan sulfate at the structure-functional level and the glomerular endothelial glycocalyx. The development of anti-chromatin autoantibodies and lupus nephritis is another key interest, and focuses on the effects of apoptotic blebs and apoptosis-induced chromatin modifications on dendritic cells. Research on transplantation immunology focuses on the generation and characterization of tolerogenic dendritic cells, and the role of chemokines and heparan sulfate. All research in the Nephrology Research Laboratory is aimed to translate findings in new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for renal diseases.

Johan van der Vlag is associate professor in Experimental Nephrology and heads the Nephrology Research Laboratory of the department of Nephrology. He is member of the scientific board of the Dutch Kidney Foundation and secretary of the scientific board of the Dutch federation of Nephrology. He was in 2010/2011 Berlin visiting professor in Diabetes in Israel (European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes).

Secondary functions


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