Patrick Zeeuwen

Zeeuwen, Patrick
Dr Patrick Zeeuwen 

Assistant Professor

Infectious diseases and global health


Patrick Zeeuwen is an assistant professor at the Department of Dermatology. His research line focuses on cellular differentiation programs that regulate the formation and homeostasis of the epidermis. Experimental approaches include genetics, mouse models, andin vitromodel systems for skin barrier function/dysfunction, to get fundamental insights into the biology of skin barrier formation and cutaneous host defense mechanisms. From a clinical perspective, this work is relevant for elucidation of monogenic diseases and the proposed role of compromised skin barrier function in development of inflammatory skin diseases like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. More recently his research area has expanded to microbiology of the skin. This includes studying the microbiome of human skin in health and disease (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis), and therapeutic intervention strategies (development and evaluation of antibiotics). The dynamics of the bacterial composition on human skin and the interaction between bacteria and human epidermal cells will be studied usingin vitroskin microbiome models and next generation sequencing technologies.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • 2013: Personal fellowship from the ZonMw/NWO-ALW program Enabling Technologies
  • 2011: Co-applicant with Prof dr J. Schalkwijk in a ZonMW TOP Grant from the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development.
  • 2011: Personal Discovery Research grant from the National Psoriasis Foundation USA
  • 2008: Horizon grant from the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (ZonMw)
  • 2004: VENI laureate on the topic of epidermal proteases and their role in skin barrier formation and homeostasis

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