RIMLS Two-Day PhD Retreat 2014

Thursday 8 and Friday 9 May 2014

RIMLS PhD Retreat in Hof van Wageningen

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The deadline for registration is 15 March, ater that date new PhD students can contact Margret Achour  


Organizing PhD students and contact info:

Tom Schirris (Tom.Schirris@radboudumc.nl, tel. 10576)

Simone Sittig (S.Sittig@ncmls.ru.nl, tel. 10549)

Marije Sloff (Marije.Sloff@radboudumc.nl, tel. 10502)

Luuk Versteegden (L.Versteegden@ncmls.ru.nl, tel. 14302) 


We are grateful to our symposium sponsor:

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