RIMLS postdocs


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the RIMLS institute. The vision of the institute is to train junior researchers who have the intrinsic ambition to have a significant impact on healthcare and become highly qualified independent scientists. Postdocs are offered a tailor-made programme to meet their specific research and career perspectives. Here you find all the information on our program and opportunities. I wish you a pleasant and inspiring time at our institute.

René Bindels, Scientific Director

Who is a postdoc?
In general, postdocs are clinical or fundamental researchers holding a PhD with a temporary contract.

What do we offer? 
Postdocs can actively participate in the Radboudumc-wide initiative for postdocs and run by postdocs named Radboud Postdoc Initiative (RPI). RPI represents the interest of postdoctoral fellows working at Radboudumc and is a source of information regarding postdoc-related topics. In addition, it creates a platform to facilitate discussions amongst postdocs at the same point of their career and promotes local collaboration and networking opportunities. 

Radboudumc and its research institutes, as well as RU organise a number of dedicated courses, workshops and other activities which are specifically of interest for postdocs. Be aware, most  courses  offered within the RIMLS Graduate School and RU are also open for the postdocs.

Examples of what we offer can be found under the links below and include, but are definitely not limited to, providing practical support for current and new postdocs, organizing educational and pleasure activities as well as dealing with career and safety topics.        

Activities organized by Radboudumc/RU/Research Institutes:  

  • Career coaching (individual; Radboudumc/RU)                                   
  • Career development course  (1x/year, in development)
  • Ethics and integrity (via Research Institutes RIHSRIMLSRU)
  • Grant writing support  (VI/ERC Valorisation)
    Workshop Research professional (1-2x/year, in development)
  • Introduction of new employees (3x/year, via Radboudumc)
  • Mentoring (in development)
  • Talent program -Galilei track (via Radboudumc)
  • Technology transfer en entrepreneurship (via Science meets business)
  • Workshops via Radboud In’to languages: Get published, Get noticed, Get funded, Get organised, Get international... (via Radboud In’to languages)
  • Workshops via Research institutes – competencies (via RIMLS
  • Workshops via RU– Coaching, Academic writing, Research data management, Career guidance, .... (via RU)

Activities organized by RPI  (RPI)              

  • Lunch meetings (3-4x/ year, on hot topics, experiences of the other researchers, interesting people to meet)
  • Pizza & beer (6x/year, ~every first Wednesday of the second month; informal gathering, interesting people are invited to discuss topics with)
  • RPI retreat (once in 2 years; on single topic to choose)


In case of any questions or suggestions for courses or other means please contact our policy advisor dedicated to Postdocs policies - Dagmar Eleveld; (tel. 92610)