Cancer development and immune defense

Theme leader: Joop Jansen

Our primary goals are to gain insight into the molecular, genetic and epigenetic processes that lead to the transformation of normal (stem) cells to malignant cancer cells. The knowledge gained on tumor microenvironment and interactions between the immune system and cancer is translated into the development of specific forms of therapy, targeting the affected molecular pathways, and by using (modified) immune cells targeting the tumor cells.

Keywords: Molecular carcinogenesis; Stem cell Biology; Hemato-oncology; Melanoma; Ovarian Cancer; Immunity against cancer; Dendritic cells; T cells; NK cells; Cellular therapy; Cancer vaccination


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Adema, Gosse
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Jansen, Joop
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Kamminga , Leonie 2013
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Krieken , Han Van 2014
van Krieken, HanResearch interests focus on the understanding of the development of more >>
Leeuwen Frank N Van
van Leeuwen, FrankThe mission our laboratory is to investigate the cell biology and genetics of childhood more >>
Martens, Joost
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Mulder, Klaas
Mulder, KlaasMy lab investigates the mechanisms underlying human epidermal stem cell renewal & more >>
Reijden, Bert van der
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Scheijen, Blanca.jpg
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Schreibelt Gerty 2014
Schreibelt, GertyDendritic cell-based immunotherapy of cancer
Spriel Annemiek Van
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Stunnenberg, HenkOur research aims at unravelling gene regulatory networks in human, mouse & more >>
Textor, JohannesComputer scientist working in computational immunology and causal more >>
Veenstra, Gert Jan 2016.jpg
Veenstra, Gert-JanResearch aims to elucidate gene regulation mechanisms during early vertebrate more >>
Verdoes, Martijn 2017.jpg
Verdoes, Martijn
Vermeulen , Michiel2
Vermeulen, MichielProteomics and Chromatin Biology
vries de, Jolanda 2016.jpg
de Vries, JolandaResearch interests include immunotherapy of cancer, in particular dendritic cell more >>

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