Infectious diseases and global health

Theme leader: David Burger

The mission of the theme "Infectious diseases and global health" is to reach national and international leadership in research and research training in infectious diseases, immunity and global health. Research aims to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of patients with infections based on fundamental, translational and epidemiological-based investigative approaches to studying disease pathogenesis.

The Infectious diseases and Global health (ID&GH) theme combines cutting edge research in immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, 'omics' and systems biology, with translational research in immunology and infectious diseases, as well as implementation research at a population level. Thus integrating research from molecule-to-man-to-population. Researchers of the theme ID&GH aim to have a significant and global impact on the control, treatment and elimination of infectious diseases. These aims will be accomplished through several complementary strategies: (i) basic research aimed at understanding biological mechanisms will identify novel targets for diagnostic and therapy; (ii) translational research will aim to interrogate relevant biological processes in patients; and (iii) epidemiological research will study infections and global health at a population level.

The ID&GH theme has two major research lines which should not be considered as separate activities, but rather as overlapping focus points whereby synergy is actively pursued.

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Related assistant / associate / full professors

Aarnoutse, Rob.png
Aarnoutse, RobHis research is focused on drug treatment of tuberculosis (TB), HIV and TB/HIV co-infection, the leading infectious disease killers more >>
abdo, Wilson.jpg
Abdo, WilsonMy research focuses on the interaction between innate immunity and brain more >>
Baltussen, Rob
Bartfai, Richard
Bartfai, RichardMalaria Epigenome Research
Boeree, Martin
Boeree, MartinTuberculosis and nontuberculous mycobacteria. Clinical trials, epidemiological and operational researchread more >>
Bousema, Teun 2017.jpg
Bousema, TeunResearch aims understand the immunology and biology of malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/Aids and dengue, and to improve disease prevention and treatment. read more >>
Bruggemann, Roger
Brüggemann, Roger
Burger , David
Burger, David
Crevel, Reinout van2015.jpg
van Crevel, ReinoutResearch focus is tuberculosis (TB), integrating basic and clinical-epidemiological / operational research. read more >>
Flier , Michiel Van Der
van der Flier, MichielLife-threatening Bacterial Infection and Host Defense in Children read more >>
Hermans, Peter
Hermans, PeterPathogenesis, immunology and epidemiology of paediatric infectious more >>
Hulscher , Marlies
Hulscher, Marlies
Jonge , Marien De
de Jonge, MarienHost-pathogen interactions, mucosal immune responses and vaccination read more >>
Joosten, Leo
Joosten, LeoHost defence mechanisms triggered by pathogenic micro-organisms resulting in chronic more >>
Koenderink Jan 2014
Koenderink, JanMolecular interaction of membrane transport proteins and their ligands (substrates and inhibitors). read more >>
kooij, taco-nw.jpg
Kooij, TacoExperimental & computational approaches to unravel functioning of the malaria parasite more >>
Kullberg, Bart Jan
Kullberg, Bart-Jan
Logie Colin
Logie, ColinResearch interests include chromatin, chromatin structure and more >>
Merkus , Peter
Merkus, PeterWe aim to innovate and improve childfriendly diagnostic techniques, and treatment for chronic respiratory disorders in childhood. read more >>
Netea Mihai 2014
Netea, MihaiMechanisms of pattern recognition of fungal pathogens and the immune-pathogeneticity of sepsis. read more >>
Notebaart Richard 2014
Notebaart, Richard
Pickkers, PeterPathogenesis of severe infection; Immunotherapy; Personalized treatment; Antibiotic resistance; Systems approach to diseaseread more >>
Rij Ronald Van
van Rij, RonaldDengue virus – host interactions, innate immunity and RNA interference in insects and more >>
Sauerwein Robert
Sauerwein, RobertDevelopment and clinical testing of Plasmodium falciparum malaria vaccines. read more >>
Ven , Andre Van Der
van der Ven , Andre
Verweij, Paul
Verweij, PaulThe main research interest is the management of invasive fungal more >>
Zeeuwen, Patrick
Zeeuwen, PatrickCellular differentiation programs that regulate the formation and homeostasis of the more >>