Inflammatory diseases

Theme leader: Irma Joosten

In the Western world chronic inflammation is among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality.

We aim to understand and control inflammatory disease for the benefit of each individual patient through (i) unraveling the (immune)pathogenesis of inflammatory disease processes; (ii) elucidating the role of tissue specific factors in the regulation of local immunity and inflammation; (iii) identification of druggable targets and biomarkers; (iv) developing clinical grading tools; (v) performing pharmacogenetic and epidemiological studies.

Inflammation; autoinflammation;  immune regulation; immunosuppression; innate immunity; adaptive immunity; autoimmunity;  immunotherapy, biologics, psoriasis; atopic dermatitis; RA, COPD, Crohn, arthrosis, hereditary inflammatory diseases; rare inflammatory diseases;  transplantation;  skin; drug development, pharmacogenomics; personalized medicine; genetic (association) studies

Theme Inflammatory diseases in the news:
- 10th January 2017: 'Slecht cholesterol heeft invloed op ernst artrose'  


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Broeder , Alfons
den Broeder, AlfonsBiologicals are effective in RA care, but associated with side effects and high costs. read more >>
Coenen , Marieke
Coenen , MariekeResearch aim: gene-finding, genetic prediction and cost-effectiveness analysis for more >>
Dekhuijzen, Richard
Dekhuijzen, Richard
Erp , Piet Van
van Erp, Piet
van der Heijden, Olivier
Hoentjen , Frank
Hoentjen, Frank
Joosten Irma
Joosten, IrmaImmunology and immunogenetics, in particular immunological tolerance in transplantation. read more >>
Kievit, Wietske
Kievit, Wietske
Koenen , Hans1
Koenen, HansImmune regulation in inflammatory diseases and transplantation
Kraan, P. vd
van der Kraan, PeterResearch interests include the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis and cartilage biology. read more >>
Lent , Peter Van1
van Lent, PeterResearch theme is elucidation of macrophage driven mechanisms involved in cartilage/bone destruction in rheumatic diseases. read more >>
Loo, Fons van de
van de Loo, FonsCytokine signalling and advanced gene therapies for rheumatoid more >>
Lotgering , Fred
Lotgering, FredCurrent research aims at prevention and treatment of preeclampsia and extreme more >>
Molen, van der Renate.jpg
van der Molen, RenateImmune regulation during pregnancy
Schalkwijk , Joost
Schalkwijk, JoostMy group studies epidermal biology in relation to skin diseases. read more >>
Schermer , Tjard
Schermer, Tjard
Simon Anna
Simon, AnnaResearch interests include hereditary and acquired autoinflammatory more >>

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