Theme leader: Daniela Wilson

This research theme involves the design, synthesis and characterization of molecules and molecular assemblies in order to elucidate structure and function of natural systems. Examples include artificial cells and organelles, enzyme-mimetic structures, orthogonal chemistry in living cells and analysis of biomolecular interactions. This theme's research is firmly based on expertise in bio/organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, microfluidics, microscopy, NMR spectroscopy techniques, and data analysis/chemometrics.

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Boerman, Otto
Boerman, OttoSynthesis, optimization and characterization of radiotracers for molecular- imaging and more >>
Boltje , Thomas
Boltje, ThomasChemical tools to study glycans (glycomics).
Bonger Kim
Bonger, KimberlyChemical Biology tools for protein misfolding diseases
Brock, Roland.png
Brock, RolandOur group is interested in: signal transduction in T cells and molecular targeting of cells. read more >>
Buydens, LutgardeResearch interests include chemometrics & the processing of (medical) multivariate images. read more >>
Cambi, A.
Cambi, AlessandraOrganisational dynamics of receptors & lipids at the plasma membrane using high res more >>
Feiters , Martin
Feiters, MartinMetal-appended cavitand molecules as enzyme models; self-assembly and medical applications of synthetic more >>
Fransen, Jack
Fransen, JackIntracellular ultrastructural dynamics using immunoelectron microscopy and 3D & 4D confocal more >>
Hendriks, Wiljan
Hendriks, WiljanResearch focuses on the signalling role of protein tyrosine more >>
Hest Van Jan 2014
van Hest, JanThe main research interest is the development of bio-inspired materials and more >>
Huck, Wilhelm
Huck, WilhelmThe aim of our research is to exploit microdroplets technology to understand complex more >>
Kouwer Paul
Kouwer, PaulMechanical properties of intra and extracellular matrix more >>
Leenders, William
Leenders, WilliamResearch concentrates on the generation of novel cancer specific antibodies. read more >>
Leeuwen Jeroen Van
van Leeuwen, JeroenResearch interests include cell biology with a primary interest in cell signalling and protein more >>
Lowik, Dennis
Pruijn Ger 2014
Pruijn, GerBiochemistry and molecular biology, with a specific focus on the molecular aspects of more >>
Rutjes, Floris
Rutjes, FlorisSynthesis of drug-like building blocks, i.e. small, highly functionalised enantiopure more >>
Srinivas , Mangala
Srinivas, MangalaIn vivo imaging, cell tracking, MRI
Vriend, Gert
Vriend, GertBioinformatics, macromolecular structure data, for answering biomedical questions. read more >>
Waal, de
de Waal, RobVascular pathology and angiogenesis, with special focus on the cancer and Alzheimer’ more >>
Wansink Rik
Wansink, RickUnderstanding the pathogenesis of myotonic dystrophy, in particular targets for molecular more >>
Wilson , Daniela -2
Wilson, Daniela
Wolf, Katarina
Wolf, KatarinaPericellular proteolysis in cancer invasion and metastasis: regulation and therapeutic targeting. read more >>

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