Reconstructive and regenerative medicine

Theme leader: Wout Feitz.  

The theme focuses on development and clinical translation of innovative diagnosis and therapies, including (i)regenerative medicine and (ii) nano-medicine, for personalized care and cure of patients needing reconstructions of lost or damaged tissues. This will be achieved by transdisciplinary research between leading research groups in the fields of medicine, dentistry, biochemistry, chemistry, biology and materials science.



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Alghamdi , Hamdan
Alghamdi, Hamdan
Bartels, Ronald
Bartels, RonaldThe main focus will be spinal disorders for which a surgical option is considered. read more >>
Beucken Van Den , Jeroen
van den Beucken, Jeroen
Buma, PieterBioinspired scaffolds & tissue substitutes for regeneration of cartilage, bone & meniscus more >>
Carels, Carine
Carels, CarineResearch interests include disrupted craniofacial and orofacial development. read more >>
Daamen , Willeke -2014
Daamen, WillekeExtracellular matrix-based scaffold for regenerative more >>
D 'Hauwer , Kathleen (1)
D'Hauwers, KathleenFunctional bladder problems. Influence of HPV on urological malignancies and on fertility. read more >>
Feitz, Wout 2017.jpg
Feitz, WoutRegenerative Medicine and paediatric more >>
Frolke , Jan Paul
Frölke, Jan Paul
Goor , Harry Van
van Goor, HarryEpidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory and infectious surgical diseases .read more >>
Heesakkers John 2014
Heesakkers, JohnInvestigate and test the (sub)urothelial barrier and signalling function on cellular and molecular more >>
Hoekstra, Jan WillemBone regeneration Implant surface modification New clinical conceptsread more >>
Hoff Hans Von Den
von den Hoff, HansResearch focuses on wound healing and scarring after cleft palate more >>
Hosman , Allard
Hosman, Allard
Huysmans , Marie -Charlotte
Huysmans, Marie-Charlotte
Jansen , John 2014
Jansen, JohnBiomaterials, in particular the use of calcium phosphate ceramics as bone replacing more >>
Janssen, Dennis
Janssen, DennisJoint kinematics, orthopaedic biomechanics, functioning and fixation of orthopaedic more >>
Albert Kampman.bmp
van Kampen, Albert
Kerkhof, manon.jpg
Kerkhof, ManonTissue engineering approaches in pelvic organ prolapse
Kluivers, KirstenPelvic floor disorders: clinical evaluation and basic researchread more >>
Kuppevelt Van , Toin
van Kuppevelt, ToinRole of extracellular matrix molecules, notably proteoglycans in health and disease. read more >>
Leeuwenburgh , Sander -2014
Leeuwenburgh, SanderResearch focuses on the development of biomaterials of improved functionality for bone more >>
Meent  Henk van de.jpg
van de Meent, Henk
Ritskes , Merel
Ritskes-Hoitinga, MerelSystematic Reviews (SR) and meta-analyses (MA) of animal studiesread more >>
Roeleveld , Nel
Roeleveld, Nel
Rooij, Iris van
van Rooij, Iris
Schreurs , Wim
Schreurs, WimResearch aims to provide patients with a long term prosthestic total hip solution for their osteoarthritic hip problem. read more >>
Tanck , Esther
Tanck, EstherPrediction of fracture risk in patients with metastatic bone defects and osteoporosisread more >>
Verdonschot , Nico
Verdonschot , Nico we develop a patient-specific navigation system to improve complex musculoskeletal surgery read more >>
Wagener, Frank
Wagener, FrankCytoprotective pathways attenuating inflammtory injury
Walboomers, Frank
Walboomers, FrankBiomaterials, in particular surface modification of (dental) implant more >>
Wolke , Joop2
Wolke, Joop
Yang , Fang 2014
Yang, FangBiomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Zhou Jo
Zhou, Jo HuiqingElucidation of genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in developmental diseases. read more >>