Within the clinical field of surgery, RRMis active in tissue engineering and reconstructive medicine regarding abdominal, vascular, and pediatric surgery. In abdominal surgery focus is on common disturbances of surgical healing and repair mechanisms such as intra-abdominal adhesion formation, anastomotic leak, incisional hernia and chronic inflammation. Core activities is development and testing of biomaterials to prevent intra-abdominal  complications (e.g. adhesion formation, anastomotic healing, incisional hernia). Cooperations exist with several departments within RRM (Dept. of Bio-organic Chemistry) and universities abroad.

In vascular and pediatric surgery the loss or congenital absence of vital tissues is a major clinical problem. The research focuses on the engineering of tissues that are lacking or became lost in patients. Vascular constructs for replacement and bypass surgery and tissue replacement such as bowel, diaphragm and abdominal wall or bladder defects are being designed, developed and tested in several research projects.

Dr. Harry van Goor. Dr. Marc Wijnen, Dr. Daan van der Vliet, Department of Surgery
Prof. Leo Schultze Kool, Dr. Yvonne Hoogeveen, Department of Interventional Radiology