Regeneration of urogenital tissue

Within RRM, the research on urogenital tissue regeneration is focused on congenital anomalies of the urogenital tract. The research specializes in urogenital tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, genetic and environmental factors in the etiology of urological defects in children, and pediatric urology outcome research. Within RRM, surgeons and scientists collaborate to provide a positive interaction between clinical and basic research. Ample expertise is present on in vitro cell cultures of urological cell types, bioreactors, surgical techniques, small and large animal models to study the potential of urological tissue engineering and regenerative medicine solutions, clinical trials, ethical aspects and an urological biobank. Within RRM, very close collaborations have been built with the Departments of Biochemistry, Pediatric Surgery, Gynaecology, Pre-clinical research (SYRCLE) and Ethics. Research focus areas include i) acellular urogenital tissue engineering, ii) biopolymer reinforced collagen constructs, iii) biomolecules and growth factor effects, iv) cell-seeded constructs for urological reconstructions, v) urinary diversions using biological materials, vi) bladder and urethra reconstructions, and vii) cell therapy for urinary incontinence.


Overview of approaches towards urogenital tissue regeneration

Prof. Wout FeitzDr. Egbert Oosterwijk, Department of Urology