Tumors of the digestive tract

Theme leader: Iris Nagtegaal

Research focuses on improving the prognosis and treatment of patients with tumors of the digestive tract, in particular colorectal and pancreatic cancer. Key objectives are (i) the development of diagnostic tools for staging and therapy response; (ii) innovation in surgical techniques and immunotherapy. Increasing knowledge of the etiology, epidemiology and genetics of these tumors will improve cancer therapy in high risk patients.


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Dutilh, Bas
Dutilh, Bas
Geurts van Kessel, Ad
Geurts van Kessel, AdResearch interests include chromosome aberrations and cancer as well as technology development.read more >>
Gooszen , Hein
Gooszen, Hein
Gotthardt , Martin -1
Gotthardt, MartinDevelopment of novel peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals.
Hoogerbrugge, Nicoline
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Kampman , Ellen
Kampman, Ellen
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Laarhoven , Kees Van
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Nagtegaal , I-2
Nagtegaal, IrisPersonalized pathology of colorectal cancer, including quality of therapy and molecular diagnosticsread more >>
Wilt, Hans de.jpg
de  Wilt, Hans