Women's cancers

Theme leader: Leon Massuger

Our goal is improving patient centered quality of care in Women's cancers (breast, ovarium, cervix, vulva, endometrium and pregnancy-related) in partnership with patients involved by means of prevention, early diagnosis or implementation of new management strategies supported by a better understanding of carcinogenesis and tumor development, with special attention for hereditary causes, preservation of fertility and post treatment individualized care.

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Broeders , Mirreille
Broeders, Mireille
Jos van Dijck.jpg
van Dijck, Jos
Hermens , Rosella
Hermens, Rosella
Foto Joanna int Hout.jpg
in 't Hout, Joanna
Karssemeijer , Nico
Karssemeijer, Nico
Jeroen van der laak
van der Laak, JeroenGetting optimal prognostic data from histopathology through application of advanced analysis technologyread more >>
Massuger , Leon
Massuger, Leon
Melchers , Willem
Melchers, Willem
Nelen , Willianne
Nelen, Willianne
Otten , Hans
Otten, HansHans Ottens’ research focus is on the evaluation of the long-term benefits and harms of the breast cancer screening. He aims to study whether 'personalized screening' can change for the better the balance between mortality reduction and side effects for women in the Dutch breast cancer screening programme. Hans obtained his MSc in Biomedical Sciences (major in human movements, 1990) at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and continued in epidemiology (post doctoral MSc, VU Amsterdam, 1998). In 2010, he completed his thesis entitled: ‘Breast Cancer screening: Current performance, mortality reduction and side effects’ on the long-term (side)effects of the Nijmegen demonstration programme. Currently he is appointed as assistant professor at the department of Health Evidence, Radboudumc. read more >>
Prins , Judith
Prins, Judith
Span, Paul_V2.jpg
Span, PaulEffect of microenvironmental tumor characteristics on radiosensitivity
Stalmeier , Peep
Stalmeier, PeepDr. Stalmeier's interests are in patient involvement and in Quality of Life.read more >>
Sweep , Fred
Sweep, Fred
Verbeek , Andre
Verbeek, André

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Publications highlights

  • Triage by methylation-marker testing versus cytology in women who test HPV-positive on self-collected cervicovaginal specimens (PROHTECT-3): a randomised controlled non-inferiority trial.

    Lancet Oncol. 15:315-22, 2014.

  • L1CAM in early-stage type I endometrial cancer: results of a large multicenter evaluation.

    J Natl Cancer Inst.;105:1142-50, 2013

  • Genome-wide significant risk associations for mucinous ovarian carcinoma. Nature genetics.

    Nat Genet.; 2015

  • Autotransplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue in cancer survivors and the risk of reintroducing malignancy: a systematic review.

    Hum Reprod Update;19:483-506, 2013